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Our Dynamax Isata 5 28SS – Upgrades and Modifications

As with any new motorhome, there are always a few upgrades and modifications to make for both ease of use and for comfort.  After studying our new motorhome and reading comments on forums and Facebook groups regarding this particular model combined with over 14 years of RVing, we made a list of modifications to tackle.

We prioritized the list and started with those items that we felt were crucial to geting on the road to ensure a more efficient set-up and tear-down and then added the other nice to haves as time allowed. I am sure we will be adding more to this list after traveling in the motorhome for a period of time to better understand how we use the unit.

The following is a short list and by no means complete, of some of the bigger upgrades and modifications we have made to our new 2021 Dynamax Isata 5 28SS.

– Added a Sewer Hose Tube

The motorhome came with a sewer hose tube mounted in the inside of the drivers side rear utility compartment. The original sewer hose tube is short, takes up space, and requires removing the adapter for storage and then installing the adapter when you use the sewer hose again. We installed a longer, wider, sewer hose tube under the motorhome. We had done the same modification on our previous motorhome and thought it worked quite nicely.

– Added a Power Cable Reel

We added a power reel for the power cable in the drivers side front compartment next to the transfer switch. This included a power switch to wind/unwind the power cable. We also created a port (with a door) for the power cable to extend through and help keep out any curious critters.

– Added Mud Flaps

We installed 2 mud flaps behind the front tires of the Dodge Ram.

– Added a Garmin Mount and Adapter Plate

We removed the rearview mirror in the cab and replaced it with a Garmin GPS.

Installed SnapPads on the leveling jacks

– Installed the Truma Aqua Go control knob

We installed a Truma Aqua Go control knob in the upper part of the hall closet across from the bathroom. The motorhome it outfitted with the Truma Aqua Go but it did not have a control knob mounted.  It was included as an additional item such that it can be mounted if you choose. The control knob can be used for not only turning the Truma on and off but also is used to decalcify the water heater. Without the control knob you would need to take your motorhome in to a Truma service center to decalcify. Also having the knob installed inside the motorhome allows control of the system more easily as opposed to going outside to the Truma Aqua Go compartment to turn the unit on or off.

– Added valve stem extensions

The rear wheels are double tires and it is very awkward to try and add air to the inside tires.  We added valve stem extensions to allow access to the inside tire valve stem more easily

Valve Stem from inside tire now showing on outside tire

Added water hose port with door along with a connector with an elbow

 Added more shelves

We built and installed two shelves in bathroom cabinets, one shelf in hall closet, and one additional shelf in the front entry cabinet.

– Added a swivel cover for recliner controls

I saved the best for last, my personal favorite!!! Our motorhome has theater seats which have controls on the arm rest for reclining, massaging, and heating.  We noticed the controls are extremely sensitive and just putting your hand down causes them to turn on (heat and/or massager).  We designed a plastic swivel cover to allow for covering the massage, heat, and cup light controls and can easily be swiveled to gain access. The other controls for reclining do not seem as sensitive and will be used frequently therefore we did not cover those. It works perfectly! Great design hubby!!

There were countless other mods/upgrades we made from adding coat hooks, hat hooks, spice rack, paper towel holder, under kitchen sink hooks, toothbrush holder and backsplash in bathroom, magazine rack in bedroom, grip shelf liner in kitchen drawers to soften the noise, under sink mat, and hung wall clocks and metal art work in the living room and the bedroom. The basement compartments were outfitted with tool mount brackets and various other brackets for ladder, table, etc. We have our MaxxAir vent insulated cushions with reflective material on the top along with our “homemade” shower skylight cushion with reflective material as we noticed the bathroom lets in a great amount of light which is terrific but can really heat the place up on a hot day. We installed under cab/chassis LED lights connected to an AUX switch on the cab dash to allow us to turn the lights on/off.

We also installed our data sim card into the Winegard and setup Roku, Chromecast, and a movie hard drive to our HDMI switch.

Some may think this is way to much but we spend a lot of time in our RV and try to make it as comfortable as possible. Our favorite addition is, of course, our Compass on the wall. We love our Explorer!

Compass Rose Metal Art Work

All in all we have a good start to the major modifications and we are ready to hit the road. Of course, I have taken some liberties in using the royal “we”. Norm really did all the work!!!


  1. Excellent upgrades. Thanks for posting. I have a ’23 31 Explorer Isata5. I’m in Fort Worth,TX – of course, willing to travel. Do you install any of these upgrades for like minded folks? I could purchase the items (mudflaps, Truma control, etc.) but would prefer if a knowledgeable person (having done it before like you) do the install.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Luis,
      I’m sorry to say that I only work on our own RV. Having said that I am happy to answer any questions you might have if you decide to install some mods on your own. I haven’t personally used a mobile RV service but many have and seem quite positive about the experience.

  2. Can you tell me what brand/model power reel chord you installed and are you happy with it? Also did a 50amp cord come with it?

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