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Taidnapam Park – Glenoma, Washington

As we made our way from Vantage to Glenoma we drove through Yakima and on to Highway 12 where the Schneider Springs wildfire was burning. The sky in Yakima was a bit overcast and smokey but not as bad as we have seen before with wildfires. As we entered Naches on Highway 12 (White Pass Scenic Highway) the area was much more smokey and visibility was becoming limited. There were warning signs that on Highway 12 you could encounter dense smoke and fire fighting vehicles. After we passed Naches we encountered no smoke and had a lovely drive. It all depends on the wind.

We made our way to Taidnapam (which is a Tacoma Public Utilities campground) and quickly found a site. The park is named after the Upper Cowlitz Indians who were often called Taidnapam (pronounced Tide-Nuh-Pom). There is a canoe at the entrance to honor the people who came here before.

We knew we had 4 days of pouring rain in the forecast so we wanted to get set up before the rain began. As soon as set up and got inside the motorhome the skies opened up and continued for several days!

Campground: Taidnapam Park
Location: Glenoma, Washington
Site: 8 (Pull thru)
Cost: $32
Services: FHU (30 AMP)
Comments: A lovely wooded campground with 2 loops and over 160 sites with over 90 of them offering full hookups. The campground has a few hiking trails and sits along the Cowlitz River. Site 8 was a very long pull thru site but a bit narrow with trees along the edge. Our slide just made it out and we could not put our awning all the way out (which was much needed in the constant downpour we experienced). There was a campfire ban in all of Washington state which we understand but with all the rain at the campground it sure would have made the days nicer if we could have sat out under the trees and warmed up with a fire. We lost power one day for over 8 hours and yet the park is managed by Tacoma Power Utilities so it was a cold and rainy day!! We still enjoyed the campground and would return.

When it stopped raining, even for 5 minutes, we would go outside and walk around and explore the campground.

We were staying in the area so that we could spend a few days hiking around Mt Rainier National Park. Unfortunately, the constant rain prevented us from having great views of the mountain and long days of hiking. We did manage to drive up there one day and enjoy some of the waterfalls and a few short hikes.

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