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Village Creek State Park – Lumberton, Texas

We drove from Austin to Lumberton and took backroads the whole way. We will do anything to avoid Houston and to allow us to see the great Texas countryside. And boy, are we glad we did. It was a long drive but it was terrific. It was a pretty windy and we knew rain was headed our way along with some winter hard freezes but the drive turned out to be great.

We departed Austin and passed the Circuit of Americas. It is a grade 1 motor racing track which hosts the Formula One, MotoGP, and various NASCAR events amongst other races. My husband is a big fan of MotoGP so this track is near and dear to his heart! We had to at least do a drive by!

Later we drove by Smithville which was where a movie “Hope Floats” was filmed. We knew nothing of the movie so we didn’t tour around town but later we watched it and it was a cute movie. Oh well maybe next time we are in Smithville we will tour the town!

One of the next really neat towns we drove through was Warrenton. We had no idea this great little “auction house” town existed. We could not even believe the number of auction houses and antique stores lining the road. They all looked like they would be great to tour around and shop especially if you are an antique collector. This is a place we would like to come back to and spend some more time.

Just past Warrenton (heading northeast) is another small town called Round Top which is more of the same of antique stores and auction houses and a few cute restaurants. Another great place to visit!

Another great little town was Navasota. We did not have time to stop and explore but sure wish we could have.

Montgomery was another town we drove through and it is birthplace of the Texas Flag! Dr. Charles B. Stewart drew a free hand version of the flag on a piece of linen in 1838. The city was officially registered with the US Patent office in April 2021 as the “Birthplace of the Texas Flag” and the city is thrilled!

We continued on through Conroe and Lake Conroe (extremely built up) and on through the Lance Rosier Unit of the Big Thicket Preserve until we eventually came into Lumberton. We winded our way around residential streets and across a railroad track (but first we waited a bit for the passing train) and finally found the entrance to this old tucked away state park.

Campground: Village Creek State Park
Location: Lumberton, Texas
Site: CE001 (back-in)
Cost: $16 (with Texas State Park Pass)
Services:  E/W (30AMP)
Comments: A very old and tired state park with a small campground. There was a bench around the fire pit which was kind of nice and a bit unique. We were walking distance from our campsite to a trail through the slough. The other trails which we had really wanted to hike had just closed due to the recent rains and the floods. Maybe next time?

Since the only trail open was the Village Slough we decided to give that a try. It was very damp and some parts of the trail had a bit of water in them but we navigated through the thicket around the deep parts of the water and didn’t get lost!!


  1. Hey Lisa
    I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your updates and travel notes. Hope all continues to be well with you and Norm.

    1. Hi Diane, I am glad you enjoy them!! We are having a nice time even with some good weather here and some bad weather there!!! Hope all is well with you!!!
      – Lisa

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