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Campground Hosting –Farragut State Park –Athol, Idaho – Park Activities

Being a campground host is not ALL hard work. There are lots of benefits too especially when you are in a great area with lots to see and do. Even though we lived here for years we never tire of all the activities. It certainly kept us busy for a few months!

Farragut State Park itself offers a variety of activities of which the following are just a few.

Disc Golf

This is the newest activity that Lisa became obsessed with seeing that the disc golf courses were right next to our campground.  Farragut offers five 18-hole disc courses. What could be better? We had lots of fun with heading out to the course and throwing a few.

Farragut Open 2022

We just happened to be there during the Faragut Open 2022 and were lucky enough to be invited to tag along with some of the men finalists and watch the professionals in action and even managed to pickup a few pointers. We watched a group of players warm up first (after we had some great food from Iverson’s – the greatest food truck in Idaho)!!

Next we headed out onto the course to watch the pros in action!


Farragut is full of hiking trails either along the lake shore, in the forests, or even up to a mountain peak. We never tire of hiking these trails.


Many of the hiking trails at Farragut can also be used for biking and consist of different terrain and surfaces.  We found that the Lynx Trail seemed perfect for our fat tire bikes but we also rode many of the other trails and roads.

Kayaking – Beaver Bay

A business called Cast, Blast, and Relax offers boating/water equipment rentals at Farragut along Beaver Bay. We rented a kayak there so we could get out and enjoy Lake Pend Oreille on a beautiful summer day.


Farragut offers a “up in the tree obstacle course” called Tree-2-Tree. It has 5 different levels of courses that can be enjoyed by anyone. They offer instruction prior to getting out on the course and observers can follow along and watch and/or laugh or both!

Museum of the Brig

The park has a museum which tells the history of the park as a Naval Training Station during World War II. It also has a Junior Ranger program with a variety of activities for the kids including a geocache program which our grand kids have participated in on a number of occasions.

Program Area

Whitetail Campground has a Program Area (amphitheater) where a variety of programs and events occur during the summer. Not only do they show movies on weekend nights but they have informative presentations about the area. We try to attend these whenever work allows us to!!!

Enjoying Nature

One of the other options for things to do in the park is just sit around and enjoy nature, whether it is the local wildlife or the local flora and fauna.

As I said, there was always something to do at the park AND in the area (next post)!

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