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Grand Plateau RV Resort – Kanab, Utah

We headed south out of Salt Lake City with a bit of rain showers and a few thunderstorms here and there. We crossed over the pass between the Markagunt Plateau and the Tushar Mountains on Highway 20. It is a road we have driven many times and it seems like we also get a bit of rain going over the pass. It is only about 20 miles long but it is a good connection to get from I-15 to Bryce Canyon National Park and/or to get from Salt Lake City to Phoenix. It does have a few 7% grades and crosses the summit at around 7,900 feet. It also follows the route of the Old Spanish Trail and has beautiful scenery.

Before you know it we were in Panguitch where we stopped at the rest area at Panguitch City Park. The park offers public restrooms, a cabin from 1890, and a few interpretive signs describing the area.

On we drove to Kanab, Utah passing the Moqui Cave, the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and heading into town. The Moqui Cave is a museum of ancient history and there are also caves you can hike up to that are sometimes referred to as the Kanab Sand Caves.

The Grand Plateau RV Resort is located about 3.5 miles east of Kanab with a small signed entrance. It feels like you are just driving into the desert and then suddenly the resort entrance looms in front of you. The resort is beautiful and is probably the best RV park in the area. Even though we much prefer campgrounds over RV parks we still loved this park.

RV Park: Grand Plateau RV Resort
Location: Kanab, Utah
Site: M30 (pull thru)
Cost: $73.88
Services: FHU (50 AMP)
Comments: A beautiful RV resort with great views, nice clean level sites, peace and quiet, and great customer service.

The RV Resort has several RV site sections all with fabulous views of the surrounding area. The lower section is designed for the big rigs with large pull thru sites. The upper sections are back-ins and are great sites too. They also have cabins, a swimming pool and spa, and private showers. The sites are very level which makes for each in and easy out.

The RV Resort is far enough out of town to have great views but also close enough to town to enjoy the amenities. It was very quiet at night, had great sunsets, and even has nice hiking trail.

The RV Resort opened in April 2020, is open year round, and has received favorable reviews. It is a much needed addition to the area for big rigs and it is on a GRAND plateau!

About the same time another RV campground opened called Dark Sky Campground across the street (Hwy 89) to the south from Grand Plateau RV Resort. This campground gets excellent reviews and is much smaller than Grand Plateau with 18 sites instead of 80 sites. We tried for several weeks to get a reservation at Dark Sky and could not (full, always full) so we stayed at Grand Plateau instead.

We did not do a drive through of Dark Sky but we probably should have. We enjoyed Grand Plateau so much that we did not see the need but based on the reviews we might have missed something!!! Until next time!!


  1. Hi Lisa
    I love these updates and check for them daily! I was so glad when you started posting again.

    You mentioned that you prefer campgrounds to rv parks. Can you elaborate?


    1. Thanks Diane.

      Does that mean the email subscription isn’t working?

      Anyway, yes we much prefer campgrounds to RV Parks. RV Parks are basically concrete and you are parked really close to the next RV. They are usually in town with noise, traffic, and can be very busy. BUT they have amenities which many people enjoy such as a pool, social events, laundry, close to restaurants and shopping, etc. Campgrounds are usually more out in nature with lots of trees, open spaces, large spacious more private sites but without the amenities. We like to hike and bike and be outdoors in nature and like to get away from the hubbub of busy city life. Of course, like anything, they are exceptions but for the most part we enjoy nature and the wilderness.

      Let me know if you are not getting emails.

      Thanks! Happy Halloween!! – Lisa

  2. The emails keep going to my junk file, even though I’ve indicated they are not junk…

    Your explanation sheds light for me. Campground for me too!

    1. Sorry to hear that (emails going to junk). We get that a lot too…from people we communicate with regularly, the emails go to junk! Got to love gmail!!!

  3. This was so very helpful! I can’t decide which campground to book but the photos you post look so great. The place across the HWY seems so flat and desolate. Plus the trail looks like it leaves on your side of the HWY to the mesa. I really appreciate the details and the photos. Thank you! Laura in AZ

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