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Huachuca City, Arizona

Huachuca City, known as the Sunset City, is full of beautiful sunsets. We spent a few nights boondocking in the area (with friends) and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, in style!!

Corn beef brisket was smoked for the day and there was lots of drink and laughs in the evening.

We enjoyed campfires in the evening after admiring the quiet, peaceful sunsets.

One day we ventured over to San Pedro House along the San Pedro River in Sierra Vista for a stroll along the river and some bird watching. The house is a historic ranch house and offers a Visitor Center and gift shop and a few miles of trails along the river surrounded by Cottonwood trees. There are also restrooms and picnic areas. It is part of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

It is still not quite the peak season for all the birds coming to the area but we managed to see a few Great Blue Herons nesting. It still feels like winter in southern Arizona due to the higher elevation and the leaves were not out on the Cottonwood trees yet. It will soon be spring though!

Before long it was time to return home and after a nice relaxing visit in the solitude of the area we had to drive through the cities of Tucson and Phoenix. It is always a shock to the system to be back in the rat race of the traffic in the big cities. But we managed!

Until our next adventure, Cheers!


  1. I live in the Midwest and wonder why most full-time RVers seem to spend so much time in deserts, etc. Is it because they are free? No rain? I like deserts and the West but there is lots to see in the Midwest and East, too. Don’t you get tired of dusty, dry land?

    1. Hi Leslie, Great Question. The quick answer is less traffic, less noise, less congestion, less people, less humidity, less mosquitos, more open land and more campgrounds to choose from, etc. I think many full-timers love nature and want to spend time in the wilderness and not be in an RV park. The West just offers more opportunities for that. With that being said many full-timers do spend time in the Midwest and the East as there is lots of see and do. And many RVers prefer RV parks. Every place has its own beauty and should be appreciated for what it has to offer. It is just a personal choice. But, I, too love the Midwest as I am a Buckeye!!!! Cheers!

  2. Well, if you like water and trees can’t do much better than some of the Midwest. Fyi, there are millions of acres of camping in Missouri, including dispersed camping in the Mark Twain National Forest and through the Missouri Department of Convservation. Plus cheap state parks everywhere. Granted, there are mosquitos, along with fewer horizon views like in the West. i was just wondering because so much of the West seems so dry and barren.

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