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Goose Island State Park – Texas

Goose Island State Park is close to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge where you might get a chance to view the Whooping Cranes.  In 1942 there were only 16 Whooping Cranes and by now, 2008, there are just over 300.  The Wood Buffalo/Aransas flock accounts for about 227. AND they migrate to Aransas every fall around October or November. I have been wanting to see these magnificent birds, that stand nearly 5′ tall with a wingspan of 7 1/2′, in the wild. We missed them by just a few days. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Campground: Goose Island State Park
Location: Rockport, Texas
Site: 41
Cost: $27.50
Services: W/E
Comments: Right on the water, beautiful.
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

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