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Millers Landing – Seward, Alaska

When we first arrived in Seward we checked out the RV sites along the popular Seward Waterfront Park. Basically a parking lot, side by side, of RVs with gorgeous ocean views. But, it is crowded and all the choice spots are taken in the summer. Here are some rather poor photos of the park as seen from the water.

Seward AK Waterfront Park
Seward Waterfront RV Park – taken by me from a boat
Seward AK Waterfront Park
Seward Waterfront RV Park – taken by me from a boat






So we decided to head on south to Millers Landing and check out their campground. What an adventure! First it was pouring rain upon our arrival. You need to drive south out of town on a narrow road along the water. Fine for us but our companions had a big 5th Wheel. Oh boy! We had to cross over some water with a waterfall. Nowhere to turn around and you just hope you don’t meet a Class A/Fiver heading the other direction. Someone will have to back up a long way on a crooked road right on the water.

Seward Alaksa Lowell Point Rd
Lowell Point Road – looking north to Seward
Seward AK Lowell Point Rd
Lowell Point Rd – Heading south







Finally got to Millers Landing and it was packed with adventure seekers. Almost 20-30 youngsters waiting to check into their tent sites. Waited almost an hour just to see if there was availability. My guess is the place is staffed with kids wanting to spend the summer in Alaska and not really focusing on customer service. The only place they had for the 2 rigs were back in the trees and the deep mud. Basically they just hang site signs up wherever and you have a go-for-it attitude to figure out where you park!  It took awhile but we managed to get the 5th Wheel into the spot but a tree was blocking the door and branches were hitting every window. It was all they could do to get out of spot when they went to leave due to the depth of the mud. Yahoo Alaska!!

Campground: Millers Landing
Location: Seward, Alaska
Site: Evinrude
Cost: $37.50
Services: W/E
Comments: Crowded tight spots but many right on the water with fabulous, I mean fabulous, views. Lots of trees and nature.
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

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