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Valley of Fire State Park – Atlatl Campground – Nevada

We just love this place and cannot get enough of it. We come here again and again and just soak up the atmosphere, the red rocks, and do lots and lots of hiking. No set trails as we just start heading in one direction and keep walking until we feel it is time to turn around. Great freedom!

We headed over to the trail head for the “Fire Wave” and thoroughly enjoyed that hike. It’s the kind of hike you probably want to do early, early in the morning, take your cup of coffee with you and get there for sunrise and just sit and watch and enjoy your coffee and then finish up your hike.

We walked The Pinnacles hike. We have taken that hike on previous years and always enjoyed it. Just follow the wash across the road from Atlatl Rock for an hour or so and you end up at The Pinnacles

We also like to walk over to the Group Camping area and just start wandering around and walking. There is a big gorge you eventually come to but you can walk around it and end up climbing up some really cool rocks.

We never run out of hikes at Valley of Fire. One of our favorite places.

Campground: Atlatl Campground
Location: Valley of Fire State Park – Nevada
Site: 35
Cost: $30
Services: W/E
Comments: Our favorite spot! Our favorite location! Love it, love it, love it!
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

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