Our motorhome is in storage so we are ready to go! Yep, we put the motorhome in storage in Borrego Springs and drove to Palm Springs and boarded a plane to Orlando, Florida for a family visit!

Those Young Guys - Palm Springs Airport

Sonny Bono International Airport in Palm Springs

We had a flight which was uneventful which is exactly how we like them. We visited family and friends and ate way too much. A little beach walking, a little swimming, and a little bird watching. We even went to Ocala and toured the horse farms and attended the horse show! Lots of fun as always!


Then before we know it is time to head back. Off to Orlando to catch our plane to Palm Springs.

Those Young Guys - Orlando Airport

Craig Cat at Orlando Airport. We keep meaning to get one of these.


Ahh, we landed in Palm Springs and lo and behold look who we parked next to!

Those Young Guys - Palm Springs Airport - Air Force One

Look who we parked next to at the Palm Springs Airport

Time to get back to RVing!!

Those Young Guys - Palm Springs Airport

Got out bags and heading to the car and back to Borrego Springs