Subi & The 5

Time to Launch

It’s that time of year. Spring has sprung and Easter is almost here!

Yes, we are having house guests soon so we need to get the boat in the water. Not only that but we needed to get it cleaned and prepped and my husband has to make sure the engine is in perfect working order. Not only does he do all the maintenance and repair on our RV, he handles the toad, our personal car, the boat, and the waverunners along with a few motorcycles. Never a days peace!

This week has been spent focused on the boat. We headed over the marina and checked out the slip to make sure everything was in order so we could get ready to launch. It is like the calm before the storm. When summer hits the boats and people are everywhere. Today was quiet and no one around. Like I said the calm before the storm. Ahhh….

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