Boo!!! Happy Halloween!!! Cannot believe it is almost November. Hope everyone had a lovely and scary night!!

We headed south from Dillon through southern Montana and on to Idaho (again) and then on to Utah.


It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny and no traffic…but…there’s always a but…we had high winds. Not as bad as forecasted for tomorrow but high enough to make us want to stop for the day.  As usual, when we stop for the night we like an easy on and easy off access and Willard Bay State Park just north of Ogden, Utah meets that requirement. We will do anything not to stay in an RV park but sometimes it is difficult to find a campground open in the winter in the north.

Willard Bay State Park offers 3 separate campgrounds, two at the North Marina (Willow Creek and Cottonwood) and one at the South Marina about 8 miles further south. Willow Creek is dry camping and Cottonwood has full hookups.

Campground: Willard Bay State Park – Cottonwood Campground
Location:  Willard, Utah
Site:  65
Cost: $20
Services: FHU
Comments:  Nice long level sites with some decent space between sites for added privacy along with full hookups.  The state park even has decent free WiFi. But, again, there’s always a but, you are right next to I-15 and I don’t care what anyone says, it is noisy. Yes, it is noisy. Shut the windows and turn on the TV and you can still hear the roar. But the good news is (the glass is always half full) when the train comes roaring by you can’t hear the interstate noise!! But it is a beautiful park and we have the whole place almost to ourselves. If it wasn’t for the interstate noise we would rate this campground very high.



The forecast is calling for hazardous winds so we are hunkered down until it is safe to come out. After a day or two the winds subsided a bit and the sun peeked out. Time for a walk around the park.


And come to find out Maddox Ranch House is just up the road from the state park in Perry. An easy drive for a great steak. They have both a restaurant and a drive in there.