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Anza Borrego State Park – Goat Trail Hike

After every hike we take I always say “Wow that was my favourite hike ever”. Well same with this hike. But then you go on the next hike and at the moment it seems like the best. It reminds me of the Annie Leibowitz quote when asked what her favourite photograph is and she replied “The next one”. Well that’s how we feel. Every campsite, every location, every hike, the best one is yet to come.

Still, overall, the Goat Trail hike was pretty fabulous. It is about a 6.5 mile loop all on jeep roads (which makes a huge difference in time to complete – fast) in the Borrego Mountain area just north of Hwy 78 off Buttes Pass Rd in the beautiful Anza Borrego State Park.

We turned off hwy 78 and headed north on Butte Pass Rd and drove almost a mile and then took the right fork to Goat Trail jeep road and parked our vehicle.


From there we started walking east on Goat Trail jeep road, up, up and up.  We had fabulous views, as always, of Fonts Point and the Badlands.  And we saw groups of people orienteering and running all over the hills.  Fun to watch.


We then got to Blow Sand Rd and headed north (left) and down into a canyon and down, down, down and found some shade and stopped to have lunch!


We then continued on down the canyon and eventually reached San Felipe Wash where we took a left (west) and continued walking on this very wide wash for almost a mile.


Eventually we came to a wide intersection which intersects Buttes Pass (also shown as Buttes Canyon Rd on topo maps) and we headed south up the hill until we reached our car.


Along the way we passed Hawk Canyon which is a great boondocking area but not for a big rig. For tenters it is perfect OR for those with a 4WD rig such as an Earthroamer, UniMog, etc. I need an Earthroamer!


A very hike easy as far as navigation is concerned since you are just following jeep roads. But the best part is the fabulous views! And if you don’t have time to hike it then we would recommend driving it if you have 4WD.


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