Cape Blanco State Park Beach - Oregon

Cape Blanco Beach

We drove from Brookings to Cape Blanco and stopped a number of times at the Samuel H. Boardman State Park and the Pistol River State Park.  There are nice pull outs along the way to stop and soak in the vistas.  We eventually made our way to Cape Blanco, the western most point in the state, and as usual we had our pick of sites but only because we like to come off-season.


Campground: Cape Blanco State Park
Location: Sixes, Oregon just north of Port Orford by about 4 miles
Site: A27 (back-in)
Cost: $18
Services: E/W (50 AMP)
Comments: One of my all time favorite campgrounds. I could live here. I love the peace, solitude, the beach, etc.  Whenever we stay here we have had the campground almost to ourselves and the beach is always uncrowded. Love this place.


Most of the sites are similar but there are a few sites that get a bit of sun during the day, if only for a short time.


And then there’s the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. Of course, during the winter the lighthouse is closed (opens in April) but it is still fun to hike over to the cape where the lighthouse resides and see if you can stand up straight due to all the wind (he, he,….). And the views from the cape are fabulous.


We saw some man riding his scooter around the parking lot. Looked like lots of fun! And easy to carry while walking and/or hauling in your toad or RV! But, I think you need some decent balancing skills.

MonoRover R1 Electric One Wheel Scooter Self Balancing Unicycle

Self balancing Unicycle

And then there is the glorious beach where we walked for hours.  It has a stretch of beach that goes for miles.


We were close to low tide so the tide pools were terrific.


What a great time to sip some champagne! We were toasting our friends, Steve and Winnie, who just got married and we missed the wedding! Congratulations, cheers, and all that stuff!

Cape Blanco State Park Oregon

Cheers to Steve and Winnie

Cape Blanco State Park Oregon

And then we started the walk back. As we combed through the driftwood on the beach we came across a wheel from a child’s toy! Hmmm…next thing you know the “Wheelie” game was invented to see who could toss the wheel the farthest and utilize the wind to push it further. We won’t discuss who won but let’s just say that measuring distances didn’t begin until “they” got a good toss!


Now it’s time to head back up the hill and grab another view of the lovely vista.


Sad to say but eventually it was time to leave….sob, sob, sob. As the geese head north so do we!