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Life On The Alberta Prairies – Central Alberta

Here we are hanging in central Alberta and mooching off relatives and friends. Isn’t life wonderful? We visited a few farms and ate and drank until we couldn’t move anymore. Our hiking has vanished as we soak in the atmosphere and good times.


Oh well…we are having a terrific time and experiencing wonderful weather. Some of the things we enjoy about the northwest are the hot summer days followed by cool evenings so you can sleep with a big comforter and the windows open and breathe the fresh air all night.


The Canadian prairies consist of the area east of the Canadian Rockies and spans through Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. It is an area rich in resources and provides the country’s biggest area of farmland and mining. The land consists of beautiful rolling hills where you feel you can see forever, it is amazingly beautiful! Crops are abundant so I have to endure the never ending quizzes for identifying crops and machinery. We are usually in this area in Aug and Sept but this year we visited in May/June when the crops have just been put to seed and are starting to raise their little heads above the soil. Now it becomes much more difficult for me to identify the crops from the road…but the master continues to quiz me! But it IS spring so the flowers and the fruit trees are in bloom so I get the guilty pleasure of enjoying the different views spring offers on the prairies. I learned about “Buffalo Beans” and “Caragana” and the wonders of dandelion wine!


There are a number of moose in the area and the locals continue to spot them but none for us this trip. But there are other interesting and smaller wildlife to be seen. I did get the opportunity to learn a bit about Purple Martins and fell in love with them.


I also got the good fortune of visiting the Rosebush Lodge Tea House in Edberg which consists of a 4 bedroom (each one uniquely decorated) Bed and Breakfast, along with a tea house.  The tea house in the downstairs portion of a lovely, restored, old farmhouse with the upstairs being devoted to crafts for sale. They serve lunches and desserts and is a great way to spend the afternoon. Thanks Jean!


And yes, the guys did get together to do some preventative maintenance on our rig. I was too busy at the tea house to be bothered with taking pictures of the work (wink, wink….).  Thanks everyone!

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