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Alamogordo, New Mexico – Out and About

Oliver Lee Memorial State Park
View of White Sands National Monument in the distance from Dog Canyon Trail


Dog Canyon Trail – A 5 ½ mile trail with a 3,000 foot elevation gain. Yes, this trail will make you dog tired but the views and the scenery are outstanding. Yes, it is very steep in places but there are two areas where the trail flattens out a bit and has some beautiful alpine meadows.


Oliver Lee Ranch House – We took a tour of the Oliver Lee Dog Canyon Ranch house which is given on the weekends by the park rangers. Oliver Milton Lee, whom the park is named for, lived in the Dog Canyon area from around 1893 until around 1914. Mr. Lee has quite an interesting past and his old ranch house is set up like a museum with exhibits and history.


Frenchy’s House – A Frenchman named Francois-Jean Rochas lived in the Dog Canyon area where the campground and Visitor’s Center is located today. He emigrated to New Mexico in the mid 1880’s and lived in Dog Canyon until his death in 1894. He was found dead in his cabin, shot through the chest.

Oliver Lee State Park - Frenchy's House
Frenchy’s house

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