Cave Creek Regional Park

The campground is in the foreground and you can see the close proximity to a built up area.

Campground: Cave Creek Regional Park
Location: Cave Creek, Arizona
Site: 9
Cost: $30
Services: E (50 AMP), W
Comments: The campground has nicely groomed spacious sites with great views and easy access to hiking trails.  Even though it is close proximity to a built up area it was very quiet and peaceful. There were lots of birds and rabbits enjoying our campsite which made for lots of picture taking, bird watching, and rabbit watching.


The birds can be quite active in the morning and the late afternoon and it seems as if the bunnies are always running around.

The park has a number of hiking trails available of which the Go John is the longest and is about a 6 mile loop.  It is a moderate trail and has some terrific views. There are a variety of spur trails to choose from to make the hike longer or to take a different route.


As usual in the Arizona desert there were some terrific sunsets enjoyed by us and our nephew.