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Family and Friends – Edberg, Alberta, Canada

We hung out in Alberta for a few weeks visiting family and some friends that Norm had not seen in many, many years. Part of the visit meant staying on the farm and having wonderful views of the large, beautiful prairie skies AND being fed like a king and queen. Thanks to family!!


Campground: Farms and ball fields – nothing official
Location: Edberg, Alberta
Site: NA
Cost: $0 ($CAD)
Services: dry camping
Comments: A wonderful place to camp, catch up, have fun, and just have an all-around fantastic experience. AND quite a group of mechanics to help with some minor RV engine maintenance….as usual!


We enjoyed many meals and get togethers AND “busting clays”.  Our nephew took us out in the field and we shot about 50 rounds with his 12-gauge shotgun and had a blast (no pun intended). I actually hit quite a few clay pigeons and I have the bruises to prove it.


Part of the trip was to enjoy Norm’s high school reunion that he had been busily working on for the past year. It was quite the success and we had an absolute blast. It was great for me meeting so many terrific and fun people. We camped together for a weekend and had a catered dinner on Saturday night. It was so much fun hearing all the old school stories and finally meeting so many people that I had heard about for years. Thanks to everyone who participated.


There is nothing quite like the Alberta prairies especially in the summer. A fantastic trip which we thoroughly enjoyed.

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