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Page, Arizona – Out and About

Page, Arizona

Page is located near the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell and is a small town of just over 7,000 people with lots of restaurants and hotels and fantastic views of the surrounding countryside.  There are several grocery stores, gas stations, and even a WalMart.  Everything you might need on your visit is available in this lovely town. Be sure to check out the Old Quarter Street of Little Motels which is very quaint.


Glen Canyon Dam

This 710 foot high dam is on the Colorado River near Page, Arizona and forms Lake Powell.  Tours of the dam are available at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center located at the dam along with a souvenir shop and a theater which was showing 3 different films about the dam and the area.  The visitors center sits next to a bridge which has pedestrian access so you can walk over the dam and gorge area.


Hanging Garden Trail

A nice short trail close to the Glen Canyon Dam that leads to a green garden oasis of spring fed plants clinging to the cliff. We hiked up to the oasis which was very nicely shaded and cool.  Then we headed on up to the ridge which provided a 360 degree view of the surrounding area that included views of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.


Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is a beautiful bend in the Colorado River south of the Glen Canyon Dam.  The parking lot is off Hwy 89 just south of Page and then a short (just less than a mile one way) hike up a small hill and back down again to the steep cliffs of the Colorado River.  Note that the hike is uphill on the way back and during the summer time there can be a few overheated people along the trail (along with an ambulance or two in the parking lot). Rangers are there during the summer to ensure people are hydrated and safe. There isn’t any kind of railing on the edge of the cliff (with a 1,000 ft drop) and the only way to get a perfect picture of the bend requires laying on the ground and hanging your camera over the edge. Note that the signs warm the public of the potential of the cliff edges not being able to support your weight so be careful!! Surprisingly only one person has fallen over the edge.


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