Valley of Fire State Park Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park in southern Nevada

We headed south from Ely on towards Valley of Fire and enjoyed the beautiful scenery along Highway 93.


Campground: Valley of Fire State Park – Atlatl Campground
Location: Overton, Nevada
Site: 39 (pull-thru)
Cost: $30
Services: W/E (50AMP)
Comments:  One of our favourite campgrounds.  Not only is the scenery stunning but the hiking is never ending.  We simply crawl out of the motorhome and start walking in any direction.  This is a campground we will always return to and enjoy.


We seem to never be able to get enough of this state park.  The only negative about this place is ability to secure a site as it can be quite crowded during peak periods which is mainly spring and fall and also during the Christmas/New Years holidays. All sites are first-come first-serve and no reservations are possible but we still visit and love it.


We love hiking over towards the BeeHives and the group camping area and further afield where there are some red rocks you can climb around and a very deep gorge. A beautiful place.


The weather always seems to cooperate while we are there and many times we get entertained by some mysterious camper who is up on the rocks playing their flute or recorder. Plus, we always see some interesting things whether it is cool RVs, some small wildlife, Grand Canyon tour helicopters flying over, or even a tourist helicopter landing on a local mountain so the tourists can get out and soak in some of the red rock views