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Sky City Acoma Pueblo – Out and About

Acoma is where Sky City Acoma Pueblo is located and is the homeland for the Acoma people. It sits about 370 feet above the desert floor atop a mesa and dates back to as early as 1100AD.

At the base of the mesa sits the Sky City Cultural Center which has a gift shop, short film area, a lovely café, and is the base for taking tours up to Sky City.  The mesa pueblo can only be visited via a tour.


The pueblo consists of a mission and about 300 adobe homes which sit prominently atop the mesa with fabulous views. It is a special, magical place to visit but beware, much of the tour is dedicated to viewing Acoma Pueblo people’s crafts (pottery, food, drink, jewelry, art work) which is beautiful but gets repetitive very quickly. The tour is still worth it as our tour guide was interesting and informative and the area is a great place to visit.

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