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Cobscook Bay State Park – Dennysville, Maine

Hands down, one of the greatest campgrounds we have been to! Read more below!

Cobscook Bay State Park Maine
Our campsite view – an island

We left Acadia National Park and continued northeast on Highway 1 to Cobscook Bay near Lubec, Maine which is the most easterly point in the USA.  Along the way we drove through the clouds, through empty roads, never saw a moose, and hit road construction with bumpy, muddy roads for about 5 miles or so. What a ride!  We also passed through the “Blueberry Capital of the World”, aptly named Cherryfield, who knew? And also past a variety of wreath companies. How cool is all this?


Welcome to Cobscook Bay State Park which is located on the Cobscook Bay which opens into the Passamoquoddy Bay within the Bay of Fundy. This means the tide has an average range of 18 feet and can hit upwards of 26 feet with strong currents and large volumes of water flowing in and out of the bay twice a day.  There are a number of resident and migrating birds in the area along with several species of whales which make their way into the bay in the summer.


Campground: Cobscook Bay State Park
Location: Dennysville, Maine
Site: 8
Cost: $30
Services: dry camp
Comments: A beautiful wooded state park with tremendous views and lots of privacy.  The sites at this park were the largest we have seen anywhere except for Northwest Territories in Canada. The difference is that these sites have long entrances to them which provides lots of privacy.  We had read great reviews about site 8 so we booked it and we were thrilled with it! It is one of the best sites for privacy, solitude, and peacefulness that we have had the luck to enjoy! I didn’t want to leave.


The sites are quite diverse in size, length, location, levelness but the campground map does an excellent job of labeling each site as the type of rig (and length) or tent only. We were amazed at the length and privacy of each site and many of them had tremendous views. It was definitely a fabulous location for beauty, nature, wilderness, and privacy. We cannot guarantee that there won’t be any black flies or mosquitoes! We lucked out for end of May and had neither. It was fabulous!



Our site was waterfront and had a great view of the bay, a boat mooring area, and a small island. It was fun to watch the tide roll in and out every day to the point at low tide when you could walk over to the island. The scenery changed constantly from fog, rain, brilliant sunshine, to mist. Like they say if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes or in this case, if you don’t like the weather in the front then look out the back. I loved this place with its ever changing views of nature!


The view of the boats on their mooring balls continued to change as the weather changed.  There was a fast moving current usually but at low tide there was a time when the water would suddenly stand still and the world would change…if only for awhile.


And our views out to the bay were fabulous. There was no one else around, no boat sounds, no people sounds, no car sounds, nothing. It could not be any better.

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