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Cove Oceanfront Campground – Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia


The Cove Oceanfront Campground sits on the Bay of Fundy just north of Annapolis Royal in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. It is a convenient, peaceful location with easy access to Annapolis Royal (about 10 minutes) and its tourist attractions and restaurants and shopping.

Cove Oceanfront Campground Parkers Cove Nova Scotia
Sunset along Parker’s Cove at the Bay of Fundy


Campground: Cove Oceanfront Campground
Location: Parker’s Cove in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia (on Bay of Fundy)
Site: 21 (back in but we pulled straight in to take advantage of the views)
Cost: $89 (CAD) not including 15% tax, reservation fee, recycle fee, and a few other fees
Services: FHU
Comments: A beautiful location with great views.  We were lucky enough to be there when only 2 other RVs were there so there was lots of space and we had wide open views. If the campground had been close to full or full then it would be a tight fit and much of your view could be blocked. Additionally, the owners’ business ethics seem to be in question. The online reviews are not so great as far as customer service and we agree 100%.   They charged us double per nite plus the fees and charged our credit card automatically ahead of time for the double sites and more than the stated deposit (poor business practice) without notifying us (either by email or phone). The office was not open when we arrived at 2pm and there was no sign with office hours nor any information about our reservation nor WiFi password nor a phone number to reach anyone. Our site type we reserved had been given to the only other 2 RVs in the park even though we confirmed the day before.The employee could not help us as it must be the owners who make decisions and the employee is unable to contact the owner (no contact info available – which is incredibly unbelievable even in emergency).  The owner begrudingly showed up a few hours later and refunded us half the amount so she did make it right but had a poor attitude about it.  We would highly recommend not staying at this campground and having to deal with the grief we had to endure as it puts a sour note on your holiday.  Note:  Unlike most Nova Scotian RV Parks and campgrounds we stayed at, this campground’s advertised price does not include additional fees (reservation fee, 15% tax, recycling fee, etc.) but the fine print does detail these prices. They had more additional fees than anyplace we have ever stayed anywhere in North America. Plus, showers cost extra! And there’s a book exchange (one way) available. They encourage you to donate books but there is a sign stating that you are now allowed to take any books. Great book exchange (….she says sarcastically)!


The campground is designed in tiers such that every row has views towards the bay.  Some of the tent sites were up close to the water with great views.


The campground sits next to Parker’s Cove harbour so you may see some fishing boat action and of course, there are always those great sunsets.  Saint John, New Brunswick is across the bay.


A beautiful setting which was tainted by a sorry excuse for a business. If they could change management they might be a terrific place to spend a few days.

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