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St Barbe RV Park – St Barbe, Newfoundland

We were planning at staying at Pistolet Bay Provincial Park which is located near the northern tip of Newfoundland but then found out they were still closed due to a heavy winter snowfall. They were planning to open in a few days but we missed them by just a day or 2. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise because we decided to stay in St. Barbe and then just drive the car north for sightseeing. We figured it saved us about 2 hours each direction in the RV which helped because on the travel days it was pouring rain and windy.  St Barbe worked out perfectly for us.


The exit for St Barbe off Route 430 is clearly marked since it is also the location of the ferry to Labrador. We had wanted to take the ferry over to Labrador and spend some time but our schedule would just not allow it. It is a short drive from the main highway to the town of St. Barbe which only has a few buildings making the RV Park easy to find. It may look pretty bare and unwelcoming but it did the trick. There was no one working there when we arrived but a sign inside said to make yourself at home and you could pay later.


The RV Park is located across the street from the Dockside Motel (with a diner) and the Ferry terminal. Besides the gas station and the dock that’s about all there is to St. Barbe. We loved it.


RV Park: St Barbe RV Park
Location: St Barbe, Newfoundland (right next to the ferry terminal)
Site: 4
Cost: $40 (CAD)
Services: E (water on site – but water quality was very iffy)
Comments: A fine RV Park with nice amenities.  The inside building was nicely furnished with plenty of sittting areas, nice clean showers and restrooms, and a very nice laundry room.  Staff arrived later in the day and were very friendly and accommodating. The RV Park worked fine for us as we needed to spend time on the internet, doing laundry, and were going to be sightseeing a lot therefore not needing a “view”.  There are not many choices in that area and this worked out perfectly for us. There is a dump on site.


The RV Park is basically one big parking area with RV’s parked perpendicular to the fence and a big white building for the office, laundry, showers, sitting area, etc.  WiFi worked well and you could work in your rig or go inside as there was plenty of tables and chairs to seat yourself.  The RV Park is surrounded by a fence to ensure travelers a safe place to leave their rig should they be taking the ferry and spending a few nights away from it (which it appeared the others staying at the park were doing).


The ferry dock is literally meters away. We could see the ferry arrive while sitting in our RV. If you are using the ferry then this is a perfect place to stay before/after the ferry trip.

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