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Cavendish Campground – Prince Edward Island National Park

We drove through New Brunswick to the Confederation Bridge which is the toll bridge that takes you to Prince Edward Island over the Northumberland Strait.  The bridge is about 8 miles long and is often referred to as the “Fixed Link”.  It is the longest bridge in the world over ice covered water.  The toll is only charged when you leave the island.


Welcome to the magical island of PEI where the fields, countryside, and homes are immaculately kept and the people are charming and kind. It is a mystical place where you feel like you are a character in a Disney movie living the perfect life. The PEI National Park is split into multiple sections around the island. The Cavendish section of the park is on the northern central park of the island on the ocean.


The Cavendish Campground is walking distance to the beach and offers serviced and unserviced sites. It is located in the town of Cavenish which has full ammenites including restaurants, shopping, fuel stations, amusement parks, and of course, Anne of Green Gables tourist attractions. It is full of activites for kids and adults alike.


Campground: Cavendish Campground
Location: Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Site: B4
Cost: $32.30 (CAD)
Services: E/W (30 AMP)
Comments: A lovely campground steps from the beach.


Another section of PEI National Park is called Oceanview and is part of Cavendish but a different entrance. It sits on the north side of the island next to the Cavendish campground and is oceanfront with the red rock and red sand that PEI is so well known for.


As you drive further east on the northern part of PEI you come to the section of PEI National Park called Brackley Beach. It offers miles of beaches and majestic dunes with a scenic road that runs parallel to the beach with stops along the way.  Also there is the national historic site of Dalvay by the Sea Hotel which offers 25 guest rooms and a beautiful restaurant. It is a lovely building full of antiques and charm.


And, of course, the most famous part of PEI National Park is the Green Gables Section (close to Cavendish Campground) where you can learn all about Anne of Green Gables and Lucy Maud Montomgery, the author.  There is a new visitor (interpretive) center which has been redesigned and opened up about ten minutes before we arrived. It is the location that inspiried LM Montomgery in writing her Anne of Green Gables books and is so well described in them. it draws tourists from all around the world to see a bit of that PEI that is so well loved.


The are a variety of Anne of Green Gables and LM Montgomery attractions around the island and it seems the world just cannot get enough of Anne (with an E).  You can’t help but love the book and love Anne but it amazes me that so many attractions can be profitable over a fictious character and book. But people keep a coming!!!


There are sourvenir stores everywhere around the island for any of your Anne needs. Everything (almost) there is about Anne yet the island is beautiful, charming, and magical. We loved it there!

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