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Clark Canyon Reservoir – Dillon, Montana

As we headed south from Great Falls, Montana along I-15 we followed the wonderful Missouri River (the longest river in North America).  The interstate and the river run parallel in parts and then criss -cross each other every now and then. It makes for a lovely drive on a beautiful summer day.  We love that area, we love the river, and we love the scenery.


Pretty son we were headed into Butte, Montana, AKA “The Richest Hill on Earth” due to its large mining operations. Butte is currently the largest Superfund site in the US. It is known for its’ Berkeley Open Pit Copper Mine which eventually closed on Earth Day in 1982. There are, supposedly, more than 10,000 miles of underground tunnels and abandoned mine shafts under the city and today Butte is the largest National Historic Landmark District in the US. The city is full of mining history and the old Berkeley Mine still stands prominently in the city as a reminder of the city’s history.


As I-15 turns south we continue into the Beaverhead River area south of Dillon.


Just south of Dillon Montana lies the Clark Canyon Reservoir. It has a number of campgrounds along the water which we have stayed at in previous years. We love this place.


Campground: Beaverhead Campground
Location: Dillon, Montana (20 miles south)
Site: 6
Cost: $0
Services: None
Comments: A lovely dry camping area with large, spacious sites. The campground is literally right off of I-15 which makes for an easy overnight spot (and very little night traffic noise).


The sites are nicely space with plenty of room to spread out, have a campfire, and watch the birds and/or the water skiers. So beautiful and peaceful. The next morning our neighbor came over and asked for help as she noticed she had a flat tire on her trailer as she was about to pull out. Norm spent the morning helping her and off she went to Idaho Falls to try and get a new tire.

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