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Plomosa Rd BLM – Quartzsite, Arizona

Seeing as it was December and the big crowds for Quartzsite had not yet arrived we thought Plomosa Rd BLM might have some wide open spaces. So we moved out of Hi Jolly BLM and went over to Plomosa BLM and scouted out a site with tons of room. YAY! We drove east on Plomosa Rd all the way to the very last entrance to the BLM where camping is allowed and looked for a nice, quiet space.

Campground: Plomosa Rd BLM
Location: Quartzsite, Arizona
Site: NA
Cost: $0
Comments:  A great, quiet, empty place to camp when it isn’t the middle of the summer or during the peak months of January to March.


For more information about Plomosa visit our previous post at Plomosa Rd BLM.

Before we moved to Plomosa Rd BLM, I ran into town and got us a Silly Al’s while Norm drove to Plomosa and set up. Yay!


This meant we had lots of hiking to do to work off this pizza.


It was quite difficult to imagine that in a few shorts weeks this area will be chock-a-block full of RVers, all having fun! Oh well, in the meantime we enjoyed the solitude.


Quartzsite Arizona Plomosa Rd BLM
The calm before the storm – completely empty but in 2 weeks it will be FULL!


We headed on home via Wickenburg, “The Dude Ranch Capital of the World”, a town we quite enjoy and have been to a number of times.  It has a variety of historic buildings along with some quaint and charming shops and restaurants, all reminiscent of the Old West. A fun tourist area!

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