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Camping During a Pandemic (NOT)

No, we aren’t out camping. We, like everyone else in the world, are hanging at home alone. We are social distancing and just enjoying some time to get things done around the house and plan (actually reschedule) our next camping trip.

Pandemic Hiking
Our typical views while hiking

We were planning on spending time in Arizona at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Canyon de Chelly National Monument, followed by Angel Fire, New Mexico, and then a month or so in Colorado enjoying Great Sand Dunes National Park, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Then we would continue north to explore more of Wyoming and Montana and on into Canada. We had reservations at those campgrounds that are impossible to get a site at….and then……..

I am sure you know what happens next. A pandemic hit, campgrounds and parks closed, and the US/Canada border closed amongst a whole list of other things. So home we sat, working on chores around the house, hiking every day, and cancelling our plans.

Luckily we have a very large preserve right by our house which meant we could go out and hike daily with proper social distancing. That worked out well! At least we were getting out of the house, getting some exercise and Vitamin D, and staying safe.


The plant life continues to change as we head into spring and the cacti bloom. And as we drift into May the Saguaros start to bloom. It definitely livens up the desert and makes for beautiful color. One of my favorites is the Argentine Giant. The blooms just suddenly appear one day but they don’t last long and you blink and then they are gone!


Of course, spring time brings not only rattlesnakes but all sorts of wildlife. We see lizards every day, snakes on some days, javelina and coyotes periodically, and lots and lots of birds.


On the sad side, we had about 4 wild fires within 5 miles or so of us and 2 were really close in the preserve where we hike. Luckily the fire department got those 2 under control relatively quickly. The other 2 were large and burned for days. We hiked out to the fire area one day and viewed the damage. It is so sad to see.


We had a few days of DC-10’s flying over our house full of retardant to drop on the fires. Thank you fireman and pilots! Luckily, no lives were lost.

On the upside not only did we see the Heathcare Workers Flyover but also the Veterans Day Flyover. And we occasionally see a kit plane Rutan VariEze fly over head from time to time while we are out hiking.


Rutan Vari Eze Kit Plane (top plane)


We do hope to get out one of these days when campgrounds start to open and stay at home orders are lifted. We are hoping for everyone to stay safe and healthy and for this terrible virus to end. It has been a horrific ordeal for many with losing loved ones, losing jobs, fighting health issues, and struggling with life. Prayers to all!


  1. You sound just like us. We had a great trip all planned for two months with all reservations made. Had to cancel everything. But, on the bright side, all is planned for next year except the phone calls. Love all the beautiful desert blooms. Take care and enjoy your solitary desert hikes.

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