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Epic RV Park – Garden City, Utah

On we go, further north. We drive though Salt Lake City dodging the traffic for a few hours and on towards Logan, Utah with a stop in Wellsville, Utah to fuel up and also to weigh ourselves (the rig not us personally). Yay, we are WAY under weight. We had an audience while we were weighing!!

Then it was time to drive though Logan Canyon, which is a beautiful curvy road with ups and downs and a few passing lanes, thank goodness. It is about a 40 mile drive through the canyon and takes almost an hour. It was beautiful and we had perfect weather. Before long we were heading down the mountain with great views of Bear Lake in front of us.

It was quite difficult to get reservations for an RV site at Bear Lake. I had an availability notification for Bear Lake State Park in Idaho via Reserve America for well over 4 months with no luck, I tried both KOA’s almost daily with no luck, and I tried almost every RV park in the area, NO LUCK! I finally fell upon a waterfront RV park called Epic RV Park and Marina which had a small number of sites and only 2 sites (almost) with a water view. We lucked out and got not the site with a full view but the site with a partial water view which was still great!

RV Park: Epic RV Park and Marina
Location: Garden City, Utah (along the western shore of Bear Lake)
Site: 2 (back-in)
Cost: $82.25
Services:  FHU (50 AMP)
Comments: A small RV park on the waterfront with a marina (which means a tractor that tows the watercraft from/to shore). It was a bit busy during the days with water traffic but for the most part was quaint and charming and offered us nice views of the water and surrounding mountains.

Bear Lake lies on the border between Utah and Idaho and is known as the “Caribbean of the Rockies”. It is about 20 miles long and 8 miles wide and half of it is in Idaho and the other half is in Utah. It has an intense turquoise color due to the reflection of calcium carbonate (limestone). The area is known for its raspberries and raspberry shakes are quite popular here.

We took a drive around the lake and checked out the state park campgrounds and other various public areas. The entire area is beautiful!! There are quite a number of public beaches and they were all full of people enjoying the beach and the water activities from boating, kayaking, wave running, trampolines, swimming, etc. And yes, there is a Bear Lake monster, similar to Loch Ness monster (Nessie), called Isabella. We looked and looked for her but did not find her!

We thought the east side of the lake was the nicest for campsites and really liked the Cisco Beach area. Maybe next time!

Time to depart….it had rained overnight….this is what our tires looked like!! Farewell!!!

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