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South Daytona RV Park and Tropical Gardens – South Daytona, Florida

Daytona Beach now has a Buc-ee’s as off March 2021 so we had to stop and fill up before proceeding on to our RV Park in South Daytona. It was a Friday afternoon and the place was packed. Even with 104 pumps they were all full so we just waited our time, filled up, went and parked, and headed inside to shop. We love Buc-ee’s.

The Daytona Beach/New Smyrna Beach (and farther away) is very difficult to get reservations for an RV site. We have given up on New Smyrna Beach as they tend to only reserve to regulars or long term. We tried and tried and the best we could come up with was Daytona RV Park in South Daytona. The entrance is right along Nova Rd which is a main street in South Daytona but the sign can be difficult to see so you can easily miss it if you aren’t paying attention. The office is a bit farther down the road and is a small yellow house where you can check in.

The office worker was pleasant, friendly, and efficient. I went over to the large building behind the office to check out the laundry/shower facilities. A code is provided when you check in. The building is shared with other businesses so the RV park facilities area is quite small. There was one washer and dryer and one mens and one womens restroom. We ended up going to a laundromat to do our laundry (Spruce Creek Laundry) and it was fast, efficient, clean, and had friendly staff. They have 5 different sizes of washers ranging from double load to MegaLoad.

The RV park offers full hookups, water/electric only, and supersize sites for those big rigs pulling their toys. There are site numbers but the site area is undefined and there is no gravel or concrete nor picnic table. Your site can be a mixture of grass, sand, or dirt. And it if rains well your site can be mud!

RV Park: Daytona RV Park and Tropical Gardens
Location:  South Daytona, Florida
Site: 48 (back-in)
Cost: $44.44
Services: FHU (advertised – it was but see below)
Comments: No Cancellation policy – no refunds – ouch!

Our site seemed to be a nice size, had dirt/mud, a few palm trees around and no neighbor on one side and the other neighbor was not present. We had a number of days of rain and our site became quite soggy so there was not much sitting outside BUT on the other hand we were so busy visiting family that we didn’t have the need. Luckily we could put our rug out to help with the sand, dirt, gravel that was tracked into the rig. The RV Park was quiet and far enough off the main road that we were not bothered with noise. Now comes the tricky part.

There was a shared pedestal for hookups behind our RV for water and electric. No problem. We hooked up.

The sewer hookup? Well that was quite a distance from our rig. Note the photo below and the red circle around our closest sewer hookup. Interesting. It wasn’t just our site as many of the sites had peculiar configurations. BUT it is an extremely popular RV park since there isn’t much to choose from in the area and with race week (Daytona Speedway events) and bike week this park sees lot of action.

We managed to borrow more sewer hoses from my brother and rigged up a connection for the week. It worked. Of course it took 3 men discussing it for quite some time and my husband moving the coach back and forth until it fit…but it worked!!

We ended up quite enjoying the park with all of its flaws and imperfections. We adjusted to the hiccups and made do with what we had and ended up having a great time!!! We even managed to have a few lovely sunsets!

We spent a bit of time about 1 mile or 2 south of us at Endless Summer RV Park (formerly a KOA) as my brother and wife were staying there. The grounds were certainly better maintained, each site had a concrete slab and picnic table, and the laundry room was much more impressive. BUT the sites were considerably closer together. We liked our RV Park better, home sweet home.

Another place that we quite liked in the area was Perrine’s Produce. It was in South Daytona only about 5 or 10 minutes from our RV Park and had terrific local produce, great priced wine, and fabulous meats/fish. We love Perrine’s!!

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