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Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim – Arizona

I have been going to the Grand Canyon for over 30 years and I never tire of the magnificent views. As much as we enjoy the South Rim we absolutely love the North Rim. It has so much more solitude, peace, and quiet and less crowds which translates to less amenities. BUT it offers the same gorgeous scenery! It takes a big longer to get to and is somewhat off the beaten track hence the reduction of crowds!

Grand Canyon – North Rim – Vista Encantada

We were camping at Jacob Lake Campground which is located near the turnoff to Hwy 67 which leads south to the entrance of the Grand Canyon National Park North Rim. The, approximately, 40 minute drive offers great scenery (some of it includes a burn area) in the Kaibab National Forest along with no traffic. There are a few national forest campgrounds along the way along with a small general store,the Kaibab Lodge, and a gas station.

We passed a few open meadows with wildflowers and a herd of bison.

The entrance to the park allows photo opportunities with the sign (seems like there is always someone at the entrance signs at every national park). I always have to edit them out!!

Since it was early in the morning we decided to head straight for Point Imperial which is the highest point in the Grand Canyon National Park including both the North and South Rim before carrying on to the other points of interest.

We continued our drive to Cape Royal which includes Angels Window which you can walk out on for even better views.

We headed back towards Vista Encatada, which is a picnic area, so we could enjoy some lunch and soak in the views.

We then continued on to the main lodge to enjoy some coffee with a vista and just soak in the atmosphere.

We had terrific weather and a great time!

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