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Campground St. Regis – St. Regis, Montana

Welcome to St. Regis!

St. Regis is a small tourist town in western Montana that offers a golf course, a visitor information center, a few restaurants, and a community park. There was even a fresh cherry stand set up in town.

It has 2 campgrounds which are Campground St. Regis and Nugget RV Park. We struggled to get reservations because, well, it’s summer!! AND to top it off it was hot, meaning over 100 degrees F and we wanted a bit of A/C without running our generator so electricity was strongly desired. We finally found an available site at Campground St Regis so off we went.

The entrance to the campground is clearly signed and is right off I-90. We were a bit concerned at first about highway noise and rightly so, because, well, like I said, it is right off I-90. More on that later.

Campground: Campground St. Regis
Location: St. Regis, Montana
Site: 28 (pull-thru) (50AMP) & 22 (pull-thru) (30AMP)
Cost: $48.95 (Site 28) and $43.96 (Site 22)
Services: W/E
Comments: A cute, comfortable campground with a bit of I-90 noise in Site 28 and lots of noise in Site 22. The noise was barely noticeable in the middle of the night but was quite noticeable during the day. The employees were kind, generous, and enthusiastic. Their reservation system is a bit archaic (paper) and there seemed to be some trouble finding sites and getting our reservation but it all worked out and they were extremely helpful. We needed to stay another night but they didn’t think we would fit in any of the available sites but offered us a few. We discovered we could easily fit in any of them! Even their 20AMP sites used for smaller rigs and/or tents would have worked for us. Plus there was another row of RV sites just before you enter the campground which only had a few RVs in them and we wondered why they weren’t renting those out? Some rigs would check in at the office and be led over there. Maybe for firemen or for employees or who knows? Anyway, their reservation system doesn’t seem to be the most efficient to maximize the number of patrons.

Our Site 28 was a lovely, large pull thru right by the office, the pool, and the laundry room. It had nice trees which provided privacy and shade yet I had easy access to the amenities. The laundry room was nice, clean, and everything worked and it was a short walk back and forth to the rig.

We then moved to a different site 22 which was a bit strange in its layout but it worked. It was a pull thru, I guess, that you have to back into because the only road into goes in the opposite direction. It was a big confusing but we made it work. It was very close to the interstate so during the day the noise was loud BUT it was so hot that we were indoors in the A/C during the day (or out and about) and only outside in the evenings. The site was an end site with the woods right next to us which provided lots of desperately needed shade.

The campground offered a fee shuttle in the afternoon and evening to take you into town (St. Regis) which is a few miles away. I guess it is mainly for rigs without tow vehicles or just anybody who doesn’t want to drive the beautiful short country road to town. We didn’t use it but we see a number of people who did.

There were a variety of different sites with a number of large pull thrus in the center and then the smaller rig and tent sites along the border of the campground. Some of the tent sites seemed quite large to us and we felt we could have parked our rig in them easily.

The office is surrounded by pots of well taken care of flowers and inside there is a cute little gift shop with a variety of food items and sourvenirs.

There was a swimming pool in the middle of the park which was directly in front of our site 28. It was very popular and was used a lot by the patrons of the campground.

The campground is known for its’ bear carvings which are located throughout the area. Almost every site has their own and on the utility poles you might see a bear or 2 climbing to the birdhouse!

As usual, we had a few squirrels in the trees providing entertainment for us with their antics.

The community of St Regis is known as a travelers crossroads and we have been stopping here for years for a lunch break. It has a great Travel Shop which has a restaurant (known for their huckleberrry shakes), coffee shop, a gift shop, and a trout aquarium.

The Gift Shop and Huck’s Grill offer everything from clothes, socks, pet items, Christmas decorations, food items, coffee, shakes, Montana IPA’s, and a trout aquarium!

All in all we enjoyed the campground even with the really hot weather. Just for research sake we may try Nugget RV Park next time.

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