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Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park – Kanab, Utah

We departed Phoenix to a display of hot air balloons over the Sonoran Desert Preserve and on to Flagstaff with the snow covered Humphreys Peak.

From there we continued north on Hwy 89 towards Page passing Cameron (where we usually fill up with fuel) and on north through the Navajo reservation passing the beautiful scenery and many Native American gift stands. Seeing as it was spring time many of the stands were open and doing business.

We turned off on Hwy 89A towards Vermilion Cliffs and Marble Canyon towards Jacob Lake. We didn’t see any Condors by the Navajo Bridge but we certainly looked (as usual). The road from Jacob Lake to the north rim of the Grand Canyon was still closed for the season as were the Jacob Lake campgrounds. There was bits of snow along the road and in the campgrounds.

As we drove on towards Fredonia we are rewarded with beautiful mountain vistas near the Le Fevre Overlook and rest area.

From there we entered Utah and drove through Kanab and on to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes sits in southern Utah south of Kanab at an elevation of 6,000 feet. The dunes were created by sand and high wind and the iron oxides and minerals are responsible for the unique color of the sand. These dunes are thought to be 10,000 to 15,000 years old.

The campground has two main loops of which sites 1-22 are dry camping and sites 23 – 34 are water/electric which also provide huge pull thrus (100′ to 110′) for those towing trailers with ATVs. There is also a large group area for those with large trailers.

Campground: Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park
Location: Kanab, Utah (about 20 miles south west of Kanab)
Site: C021 (pull thru)
Cost: $29
Services: dry camping
Comments: A nice campground with lots of sand and nice level sites with terrific views. The main reason to camp here is to ride your ATV. You can hike in the dunes but you need to be cautious of ATVers buzzing around.

The park is a very popular destination for ATV riders along with people wanting to sled or sand board down the dunes. ATVers can ride until 10pm so there can be a bit of noise at that time of night with them returning in droves!

There is a day use area where people can come for the day and sled down the hills along with an observation deck where you can sit and watch the action. The Visitor Center does offer sleds to rent for enjoying the dunes.

For those wanting to visit Kanab but not stay in an RV Park and also not wanting the noise and action of ATVing then I would recommend Ponderosa Grove Campground which is about 5 miles closer to Kanab than the state park. Note that RVs longer than 24′ are only allowed in the front section of the campground (sites 29-34). It is a beautiful campground and hopefully one we can stay at next time we are in the area.

All in all the South Campground at Coral Pink Sand Dunes is a perfectly nice campground but is mainly enjoyed by those who can go out and ride the dunes in their ATVs.

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