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McCall RV Resort – McCall, Idaho

Today’s journey took us from Filer (near Twin Falls) over to Boise and north on Highway 55 along the Payette River. We stopped in Horseshoe Bend to fill up the motorhome and have a lunch break.

We continued on through the town of Cascade and past Cascade Lake to the town of McCall. It was end of April and Ponderosa State Park in McCall still did not have their campgrounds open due to all the snow so we stayed at the G7 Resort called McCall RV Resort. They are in town along the Payette River.

The lodge at McCall RV Resort offers a cozy lobby, a loft with a sitting area, an indoor swimming pool, steam rooms, free popcorn and coffee and excellent customer service.

The resort offers back-in, pull-in, and pull thru RV sites along with rental cabins. There is both an upper campground area (much more crowded with an RV Park feel) and a lower campground area (feels more like a campground). We had requested a pull-in site in the area of 75 to 80 in the lower campground along the river. The resort called us a few weeks before our intended arrival and told us that due to all the snow that the lower campground would probably not be open and when we arrived, and sure enough, the lower campground sites were still being plowed and not open. And it was at the end of April.

RV Park: McCall RV Resort
Location: McCall, Idaho
Site: G1 (pull thru) and 98 (back-in)
Cost: $57.50
Services: FHU
Comments: We were put into a group site, G1, on the first night. We had neighbors who smoked and other neighbors with lots of kids and a barking dog. The group sites are 4 sites together in a rectangular with a common sitting area. We asked to be moved for the remaining nights to a more private site. They happily obliged and we moved to site 98 which was absolutely terrific. We could not have been happier with their customer service.

Note, if you are assigned a site with a letter followed by a number 1-4 then you are in a group site. If you are with a group then it would be terrific. If you aren’t then the numbered sites would be preferable.

Site G1 was a pull thru.

Site 98 was a back-in site in the lower campground along the Payette River. We did not have a clear view of the river due to all the trees and its distance being a bit further from the river then sites 75 to 80. BUT we loved the site, it still had terrific views, and nice site privacy.

The resort still had a lot of snow piled up around the park with maybe half the sites still not open yet. The snow plow was working every day. When we arrived it was cold and full of snow but in the next few days the sun was out and it was in the 70s and the snow was melting fast. We saw quite a change in just a few days.

The lower campground was closed to campers but we could still walk around and check everything out. Many of the picnic tables were still buried in snow as were the picnic areas but the snow plow was working hard as was the sun!! The snow was starting to melt.

The cabins are at the entrance to the resort and there was a restroom/shower/laundry building close to us which was immaculate. AND there were snow shovels everywhere.

We quite enjoyed this resort especially after we moved to site 98. Now I will be honest in saying that the rest of the sites east of us were still closed so we had no neighbors on that side of us. This meant we had great views, peacefulness, and a wonderful time just enjoying the scenery, the piles of snow, and the warm weather.

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