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Buying a Class B – RV Corral – Eugene, Oregon

Yes, we did it! After months or maybe even a few years of thinking, researching, reviewing, and discussing our options we finally bit the bullet and bought a new (never owned) 2007 Leisure Travel Van Free Spirit from RV Corral in Eugene, Oregon.

Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

We debated over the size for quite a while and decided to just go with something small and simple…..albeit expensive. We could not be more thrilled!

After we made the deal we then had a few days to explore before picking up the rig and driving away. What could be better than being in Eugene and having a few days to waste along the Oregon Coast. Off we went to Yachats (pronounced YAH-hots) to the Overleaf Lodge and Pacific City to the Inn at Cape Kiwanda. A lovely few days of hiking the beaches and eating seafood!

Then we headed back to Eugene and did the walk through and off went on our new adventures!


  1. When it comes to lots of traveling, I can see how a class B RV would be the right choice for people. I like what you said about how it is small and simple. From the looks of the pictures, it may be small and simple, but it has everything you need!

  2. I just discovered you site and can’t believe the similarities. In Nov 2010 we bought a 2005 LTV just like yours with 20K miles. We traveled extensively, touring rather than camping, including Alaska. In 2016 we bought a 1988 Suzuki Samurai that changed the way we toured. After 77k miles we sold the LTV and ordered a 2019 Navion 24V. We now have 400 watts of solar, 200 AH of Battleborns (with a 3rd on the way) with Victron MPPT controller and bluetooth monitor. Will soon upgrade to 2K or 3K inverter. We have been to many of the same places (Hyder and Salmon Glacier, Liard Hot Springs, etc.) I look forward to learning and sharing more. Tim

    1. Hi Tim! That’s very interesting! And kind of funny. Glad you found us and can’t wait to hear some of your stories or any interesting information you can share. We have a new post coming this week with surprising news and more news to follow. Stay in touch and safe travels! –Lisa

    2. It is always interesting to hear from fellow RV’ers who seem to be following similar paths to ours.. great minds and all that! You have certainly made some excellent upgrades to your Navion. A better charge controller and an upgraded inverter were also on my to do list but never got around to it due to some changes in priorities. I would be fun to meet up on the road somewhere, talk about our travels and have a look at all your mods. – Norm

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