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First Night in our New RV – Veneta, Oregon

After picking up our motorhome at RV Corral in Eugene, Oregon we headed over to Veneta, Oregon to Fern Ridge Shores RV Park.  Veneta is known as the “City with the Million Dollar Payroll” due to the lumber boom in the 1920s, the site of the Oregon Country Fair since 1969, and home to the 1972 “Field Trip” concert with the Grateful Dead. Wow!

We thought we would stay somewhat close to Eugene should any problems arise. Everything went smoothly. We could not be happier with our service at RV Corral. Kudos to Buck and Wally. We liked them so much and we are such fans of “The Griswold’s” and heading to Wally World that we ended up naming our new RV “Wally”!

Stay tuned for our “Adventures with Wally”!

Campground: Fern Ridge Shores RV Park
Location: Veneta, Oregon
Site: 51
Cost: $27.50
Services: FHU
Comments: OK park, not much privacy, on the lake
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

Fern Ridge Shoes RV Park in Veneta Oregon
Sunset at Fern Ridge Shores RV Park
Fern Ridge Shores with Those Young Guys
Checking out our site at Fern Ridge Shores

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