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Borrego Springs Clark Dry Lake – California

Our favorite boondocking spot, Clark Dry Lake, about 7-9 miles east of Borrego Springs, California on the north side of highway S22.

Clark Dry Lake Borrego Springs California

Our favorite town to winter in, Borrego Springs. A small town nestled inside the Anza Borrego State Park (the largest state park in California) somewhere between San Diego and the Salton Sea.

Love the area and love the town and the State Park abounds with hiking and 4wd’ing opportunities. Cannot get enough of this place.

We park here on and off in the winter. We stay out here until our grey/black fill and our fresh empties and then time to go into town and dump/fill and clean up a bit and then back to the boonies again. We usually switch sites upon return. This month we parked in 3 different locations in the same area. Just trying them all out.

On one trip here we noticed that one of the RV bloggers that we follow, www.RV-Dreams, was parked next to us. We met up with Linda and Howard and one thing led to another and next thing you know we are with John and Pam who blog at, and we all headed to Fonts Point for drinks and a sunset. A great time with really great people.

Fonts Point - Anza Borrego
Pam, John, Linda, Howard, and Norm – Fonts Point
Those Young Guys - Fonts Point - Anza Borrego
The punch line
Those Young Guys - Fonts Point - Anza Borrego
Don’t back up Pam!

For the next few weeks we will stay here and explore and hike and just enjoy the desert!

Borrego Springs Clark Dry Lake California
The site even has a little casita, a sun circle.
Those Young Guys - Clark Dry Lake - Borrego Springs
At one of our favorite sites at Clark Dry Lake – Who painted that? And with blue fingernail polish no less!!!

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