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The Slot Hike – Anza Borrego State Park, California

We had been visiting with Pam and John from OhThePlacesTheyGo and discussed some hiking opportunities specifically The Slot trail. We love slots. Anywhere we can find slots we are there! But going to “The Slot Trail” at Anza Borrego requires driving a sand/dirt road for a few miles which can always be a little tricky on a motorcycle (a street bike not a dirt bike) depending on how deep the sand is and how far we have to travel.  John is a motorcycle rider and had driven the road a few days before with a 4WD and he thought it would be no problem for us. So off we go!

Those Young Guys - Anza Borrego State Park Map
Map of The Slot

And John was right! The road was no problem as long as we took it slow. We did wobble and slip a few times but stayed upright the whole way there and the whole way back. Yay! Always good when we don’t tip over.

Anyway, we got to the trail head parking lot and we weren’t really sure where to enter into the slots but just decided to go straight down. Norm just kind of rock climbed down and I slid down on my bottom but I made it into the trenches. We hiked until we ran out of slots and came into a wash and continued hiking for awhile and eventually headed back the way we came. The sun was getting low in the sky and we thought we should get out of there before dark. Luckily we did a quick memory snapshot of where we entered into the gorge when we started so we would know where to climb back out. What a great hike, great slots, and lots of fun!


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