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Lake Havasu City, Arizona

While staying at River Island State Park in Parker, Arizona we had plenty of time to explore the area of Parker and Lake Havasu City. The area has lots to offer as far as campgrounds, RV Parks, entertainment, restaurants, hiking, biking, boating, and great weather. What more could you ask for?

One of the first stops is the Lake Havasu London Bridge.  I love the story and history that goes along with this famous bridge, especially since I spent a few years living in London. It was dismantled in London in 1967 which was quite a few years before I was living there so my first time in seeing this bridge was actually in Lake Havasu City. But still it was fun to see all the British items and it was also a bit weird to have an “English Village” in an arid, dry, hot climate.

The bridge area has a nice Visitor’s Center and a promenade along the channel full of restaurants, shops, boat rental places, etc. Just a nice place to get out and stroll.

Lake Havasu City AZ London Bridge
London Bridge was not falling down

Across the channel on “The Island” side is another park with a beautiful promenade called London Bridge Beach. It is a delightful place or let’s just say it can be a delightful place depending on the time of year and the crowds or the lack of crowds. We were there before Spring Break which made all the difference in the world. Quiet, peaceful, and only a few other souls there. Spring Break was breathing down our necks and it can be quite mad there during that time. Just check out some You Tube videos of Lake Havasu Spring Break and it may change your mind (one way or another) whether you want to brave the crowds. To each their own.

Lake Havasu City AZ London Bridge Beach
London Bridge Beach – a lovely park but can be wall to wall over Spring Break

And while on “The Island”  we decided to drive around a bit and explore the area checking out the biking, hiking, and some off roading trails.

The Island Lake Havasu City Az
Exploring “The Island” as it is referred to by the locals

It is also a great place to check out some of the many lighthouses Lake Havasu is known for. There are 23 lighthouses scattered around the area that are 1/3 scale replicas of existing lighthouses and they are real functioning lighthouses. It is fun to drive around and find all of them or you can take a boat tour which shows you them.

Lake Havasu City AZ Lighthouses
Some of the many lighthouses around Lake Havasu

There is also SARA (Special Activities and Recreation Area) Park which is just on the southern part of town which offers a whole host of activities including the infamous “SARA’s Crack”, a nice hike thought a slot canyon and over to the river.

Lake Havasu City AZ
The infamous SARA’s Crack

And let’s not forget Parker Dam. You can drive across the dam but only during certain hours as at night it is closed and large vehicles, such as motorhomes and trailers, are prohibited at all times. If you are in an RV you will need to cross the river elsewhere.

Parker Dam Lake Havasu City AZ
Out and about in Parker and Lake Havasu City

AND we even went and checked out some RV models, you just never know if an RV home is in our future or not, so why not check a few out. We visited North Pointe Homes in Lake Havasu.

Lake Havasu City AZ North Pointe Homes
In the market for an RV home – let’s check out the floorplans

Even though Lake Havasu City is built up and crowded we felt we could stay more to the south in one of the State Parks or even boondock along Hwy 95 between Parker and Lake Havasu City and still enjoy some beautiful scenery and beautiful weather and a host of activities. We intend to return one day for some further exploration.

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