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Lake Havasu State Park – Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Lake Havasu State Park sits directly to the north of London Bridge in Lake Havasu City on the eastern shores of Lake Havasu. It definitely has a campground feel to it, is directly on the water on Lake Havasu, yet right in the city. Weird. You don’t feel like you are in the city when you are driving around the state park but yet you are. This means very easy access to shops and restaurants and a whole plethora of activities are at your doorstep.

We recently performed a recce at Buckskin Mountain State Park a bit to the south and decided to do the same with Lake Havasu State Park. We didn’t stay here this trip as we were already staying at River Island State Park but we thought we should come check it out.

The state park consists of four lots where Lots 1 and 2 and 4 are day use areas and Lots 3A and 3B are the campground areas.

Lake Havasu State Park Lake Havasu City Arizona
Campground Map

We entered at the north entrance and talked to the Park Ranger and he gave us a good idea of where to tour.

Lake Havasu State Park Lake Havasu City Arizona
Main Entrance

We first drove over to the campground in Lots 3A and 3B to check out the campsites and their privacy (or lack thereof) and water views.


Then we headed over to the Overflow Parking in Lot 2.

Lake Havasu State Park Lake Havasu City Arizona
Overflow Parking – Lot 2


This state park takes reservations and is full almost all the time during the winter so it is very difficult to find a site. We had discussed with the ranger the general issue about driving all the way to campground and them being full and having to drive elsewhere. He said they had the perfect answer, an Overflow Parking area. Basically just a big parking lot on the waterfront where you can park and stay (for a small fee). We wish more places would have something like this, just in case. Anyway, we drove over there and checked it out. While not ideal and not having a lot of privacy there was still plenty of space and plenty of opportunity to not park right next to someone. and it is good to know that this is an option.


The park also has a lovely day use area with plenty of picnic tables, lots of white sandy beach, and even a lighthouse.


While we generally do not like staying in cities this State Park could provide a place to stay when wanting a waterfront site with great views.

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