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Meeting Creek, Alberta – Family Campout

The lovely hamlet of Meeting Creek sits in a valley along a creek where two tribes of native Americans (Cree and Blackfoot) would meet, in no man’s land, a kind of Switzerland (neutral territory) for the time.

Many years later, as the railway began it’s train lines in that area it ran right through Meeting Creek (well actually the town had to move to get next to the tracks) and the town began to develop. At it’s peak Meeting Creek had 3 grain elevators, livery stables, blacksmith, shop, hotel, and bank. Even though Meeting Creek was in close proximity to larger towns it still provided significant shipping of agricultural products and remained active for years. Today one of the grain elevators and the train station/station agent’s house are available for touring.


This lovely area, nestled all snug into the valley, is the location of this year’s family campout. An annual family tradition where everyone brings their RV, trailer, camper, and/or tents and eats, drinks, chats, plays games, and just gets caught up. It is always fun no matter the weather. How great it is to park right next to the grain elevators and have all your meals there?

Link to map in “Where We’ve Been”


As we were having our Saturday night potluck dinner with the family suddenly we heard a noise and up in the sky it wasn’t a bird but what was it?  It was the Snowbirds, Canada’s military aerobatics/air show flight demonstration team. That stopped dinner in a hurry as everyone gazed up in the air to check out the flying. They flew over us for at least 15 minutes showing their aerobatics to our delight. Thanks!

Snowbirds Alberta Snowbirds Alberta

Besides family chatting there is also beautiful countryside to explore and nice roads to ride bikes AND you can even walk the rail lines if you so desire.


All in all a fantastic time! Until next year!

I will leave you with this final painting by Peter Shoskat, a beautiful winter scene of Meeting Creek. I love it.

Peter Shostak Painting
Meeting Creek in the winter – Peter Shostak


  1. I grew up here.
    Have created a memorial plaque at the homestead.
    Interested in obtaining pictures of MC. We want to create a website of our family.

    1. Would you be related to Bonnie Beckham? I have a picture of her from 1914 singing with my Grandmother around the piano

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