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Little Bow Provincial Park – Alberta


Campground: Little Bow Provincial Park
Location: Champion, Alberta (Park is about 17km east of Champion)
Site: B-64
Cost: $29 (CAD)
Services: E (30 AMP)
Comments: Nice, quaint campground. A bit crowded due to the August long weekend in Canada. Site was average for spaciousness. Even though there were lots of trees in the campground there was still minimum privacy. But since it was really, really hot having 30AMP came in handy as we could crank on the air conditioning. Felt great after a week of really hot weather and no A/C. (OK, once we cheated in the past week and turned on the generator while dry camping and cranked on the air).
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”


This campground has 3 loops, A, B, and C.  Only B provides electric and A and C are non serviced. The sites are gravel and the B loop sites 60-81 seem to have more space between sites. We thought site 81 looked pretty sweet, large, and more privacy than the others (no picture as people were quietly enjoying the site at the time). There were a few sites in the A loop that also looked quite nice. Lots of choice even though it was a holiday weekend. Short sites, long sites, wide sites, and narrow sites. Your choice.


There is a terrific dump station which we have coined “The prettiest dump station in the west”. It is high up on a plateau with terrific views. Even if you don’t need to dump you should drive/hike up there and check out the views. While there one morning hooking up the toad we were next to a field of tall grass and suddenly, one after another, deer popped their heads out of the grass to see what was going on. It was adorable. Obviously, we woke them up. So sorry.


The park has a lovely day use area with lots of picnic tables and walking paths. For a holiday weekend it was surprising to not see a single person in the day use area.


But as we walked a bit further we realized why it was empty. EVERYONE was in the water, either swimming, boating, tubing, or paddle boarding. The Travers Reservoir is part of the park and provides a recreation area of water about 17km wide by 10km wide and about 60′ deep. The park has a boat launch and 20 or so slips along with a fairly large swim area.


And, last but not least, if you are a Trekkie then you have to stop by Vulcan and enjoy the atmosphere, the Star Trek capital of Canada.

Vulcan Alberta
Check it out!



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