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SARA’s Crack – Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Lake Havasu City sits along the eastern shores of Lake Havasu and is a fairly large city with over 50,000 people. In the city is a park called Special Activities and Recreation Area (SARA) which provides a racetrack, a dog park, softball and basefield fields, a BMX track, and even a place to fly model planes.  In addition it has lots of hiking trails between the park and the river. It is quite surprising to be in/near such a large city and to have such great trails so closeby.

While staying at Lake Havasu State Park we were visited by fellow bloggers, John and Pam, of OhThePlacesTheyGo. We decided to get together one day and hike the infamous “Crack” at SARA often referred to as SARA’s Crack.  We often refer to it by this name only because it affords lots of giggles from us juveniles….Fun!

So off we went. The bad part about these trails is the lack of trail maps and the lack of trail signs so it is pretty much the blind leading the blind in an attempt at finding the Crack but after some consultation with each other, pointing, looking at hand drawn maps, and going in every direction possible we made it. We arrived!!


The crack has not only a 10’ slide but a meandering of narrow slots and rocks to navigate for a short distance. We thought the slide would be A SLIDE and be somewhat horizontal. Nope, it is straight down. Looks like someone has recently added a rope to help navigate the downhill SLIDE!! It was fun!



After leaving The Crack you enter into a wash which takes you over to the river and to Balanced Rock Cove. We stopped for a nice break with lunch and fantastic views.


From there we decided to take the upper trail back so up we climbed up and hiked the majority of the way back on the ridge which afforded fabulous views of the surrounding mountains, Lake Havasu City in the distance, the Colorado River, Lake Havasu, and California in the distance.


A fantastic day with some fun people, thanks John and Pam!

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