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Keyhole Landing Trail – Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Another great day with John and Pam from OhThePlacesTheyGo.

We headed out on a beautiful sunny morning over to SARA, the local park in Lake Havasu City, for a hike to Keyhole Landing which is a cove along the Colorado River. The hike is rated as a 4 star (out of 5) for aesthetics, length of 7.2 miles, duration of 4 hours, and moderate with climbing. We actually hiked about 7.7 miles, stopped for a 45 minute lunch break at the cove, and returned within 4 hours. All due to the help of John, our hero hiker leader. He keeps the pace going, him and Norm are our drill sergeants!!

We started with our usual meeting discussing the map and the directions and which way to go and which trail to take. The trails aren’t marked so there is a bit of detective work involved in trying to figure out which way to go. It is just like a treasure hunt. Off we go!


Lo and behold after 3.5 miles of hiking over hill and dale and then through a beautiful red rock canyon we found the treasure, a beautiful little cove along the Colorado River with a keyhole rock on it. A beautiful place to stop for a break, eat our lunch, and have fun in the river. It wasn’t long before John started stripping down and heading into the water. Have I mentioned how Pam and John are fun?


After our well deserved break we headed back along an old jeep trail where there were remnants of the maganese ore mining from 1917. We saw an old sluice, tailings, rock cuts, etc. It was a beautiful trail back over mesas and ups and downs. No slides to go down and no ropes to climb up so it made for an easy day!!

Another fun day and another great hike!


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