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Lake Havasu City, Arizona – Out and About

A week in Lake Havasu City just doesn’t seem long enough. With all the sights in the city and all the local hiking trails, the river, the lake, wow, too much to do and not enough time.

The lake, named Lake Havasu, is actually a reservoir north of Parker Dam along the Colorado River between Arizona and California.  The dam was built between 1934 and 1938. The name Havasu means “blue lake” in Navajo. The city of Lake Havasu City sits along the eastern shore of Lake Havasu in Arizona.

We have been staying at Lake Havasu State Park and were lucky enough to be joined there by our friends, Pam and John, of OhThePlacesTheyGo.  We had a great time hiking and touring with them for the week.

English Village

Of course, no trip to Lake Havasu City is complete without a stroll around English Village and a walk across (and under) the London Bridge.



Havasu Lake, California

A nice day trip in the area is taking the $2 round-trip (yes, $2) boat ride across Lake Havasu from Lake Havasu City to Havasu Lake, California where you can visit Havasu Landing Resort and Casino on the western shore of Lake Havasu. Confusing? Yes, way too many names with “Havasu” in them. But off we went.  It was a beautiful day for the short 17 minute boat ride which makes its way out of the channel and across the lake. The boat is actually a ferry which transports people from Lake Havasu City in Arizona to the Casino in California. The ferry runs all day long.


Havasu Lake in California is an unincorporated community in San Bernadino County on the Chemeheuvi Reservation in the Mojave Desert where the local residents can take their off-road vehicles and play in the desert all day long. Before long we arrived in California where we are readily greeted by the Casino.


We bypass the smoky environment and decide to walk around town and visit the sites, yep, a local market and a bar/restaurant. We had a great lunch at the Sail Inn before heading back to the ferry.


The boat ride back was lovely with warm weather and smooth sailing.


Festival of Lights

We were lucky enough to be in Lake Havasu City at the start of the Festival of Lights Opening Ceremony where 56 swimmers swim across the channel and try to the first to arrive at the other side. Whoever arrives first gets the grand pleasure of turning on the holiday lights for the first time of the season.  The water temperature was 53 degrees…brrr. A few brave souls swam without a wet suit.  Pam promised me she would join me next year in doing the swim.


And then the lights are turned both in English Village and along London Bridge.


Boat Parade of Lights – Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Not only were we in Lake Havasu for the Festival of Lights but we also were around during the London Bridge Yacht Club 32nd Annual “Boat Parade of Lights” with the theme of “Light Up The Lake”.

The decorated boats cruise through the Bridgewater Channel from Thompson Bay under the London Bridge all the way up to Windsor Beach and back.

Bonfires are permitted throughout the channel and everyone brings their food and drink and sits by the bonfire watching the brightly lit boats.

It was lots of fun and well worth the visit! But does it feel like Christmas without snow?


Happy Holidays!


  1. The boat parade looks great! Sorry we missed it. I hope Leigh and Brian made it. We told them about it.

    We had a wonderful time with the two of you and look forward to meeting up again:)

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