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Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona – The Visitors

Since I am just finishing the book “the Visitors” by Sally Beauman, I felt this post was appropriate.  As Lucy, in “The Visitors” travels to Cairo and on to Luxor and the Valley of Kings and witnesses the unfolding events of Howard Carter’s excavations and eventual discovery of King Tutankhuman’s tomb, we too have had our share of Visitors this week who have had some kind of relationship with Egypt. We had several interesting talks of time spent in Egypt but, unfortunately or fortunately (the curse you know), none of us were there during the King Tut tomb excavations. Still it was a fun time talking to our “Visitors” and sharing stories about the good ole days in Cairo. I’ll let you guess which visitors I am referring to.

Lake Havasu State Park is a lovely state park nestled right in the city. When you are in the campground you don’t feel like you are that close to the city but you do get some Visitors from time to time.

Lake Havasu State Park

The mornings are the time for the local four-legged inhabitants (we only saw 3 at a time) to visit the water’s edge and get their morning drink.  They run through our campsite and help themselves to a drink before they head on for the day.

Not only are the coyotes running through the campground but there are also glimpses of radio controlled aircraft passing through (in the day use area).


We also got some visits from our two legged friends, Leigh and Brian at Aluminarium and Pam and John at OhThePlacesTheyGo.  A nice evening with chatter, drinks, sunset, and dinner.



If that isn’t enough, besides the boats out in the water we also observed some ultralights buzzing around, some with pontoons and some without.


There is always something going on in this park, whether at the campground or the lovely day use area with white sandy beaches.  One thing is for sure, we received a visitor every night with a visit by a beautiful sunset. We love visitors.


A beautiful park and a beautiful place to spend some time. I’m sure we will be back and look forward to our next set of Visitors.


  1. It is a great park. So glad you shared that you were coming here. We really enjoyed all the activities we shared together. Thanks:) We’ll see you soon!

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