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Doran Beach Regional Park – Bodega Bay, California

Bodega Bay California
The Birds of Bodega Bay circling over us

I first watched Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” when I was a young girl and it scared the bejesus out of me!! Every year I would get together with the neighborhood kids and we would watch the movie together, usually in the summertime when it was hot and all the windows were wide open. It made for a really, really scary night. So I knew of Bodega Bay and I have always wanted to visit this charming little village and check out “The Birds”!!!

Back in December while in Borrego Springs we had discussed heading to Bodega and then, drum roll please, we had two encounters with birds and thought maybe it was a sign to not mess with Bodega. But, none-the-less, we ventured north and, luckily, had no more encounters with birds. Knock on wood!

The Jetty Campground is one of 4 campgrounds in the Sonoma County Regional Park called Doran Beach Regional Park. The park is located on a narrow spit between Bodega Harbor and Bodega Bay with a lovely walking beach, a few day use areas, a boat launch, and a dump station. The dump station is a $7 fee payable by credit card in a machine and it then unlocks the dump. You have 1 minute to hook up your hose and 16 minutes to dump. Put some speed on it Bob!!


The first 3 campgrounds after you enter the park are on your right and each have 3 circles of loops which help provide views for all rigs. But many of the sites are quite short and are more suitable for non big rigs.  As we walked around we did see a few Class As there but it was tight. The Jetty Campground is the last campground at the end of the spit just before the last day use area.  This campground can better accommodate big rigs than the other campgrounds but sites are close together and there are a few sites which are short. The Sonoma County reservation system does a great job of showing the pavement dimensions (and overhang) for each site.  They do not want any wheels off the pavement.


Campground: Doran Beach Regional Park – Jetty Campground
Location: Bodega Bay, California
Site: 92 (back-in) along Bodega Harbor
Cost: $30
Services: dry camp
Comments: A lovely waterfront campground with nice views of the water. Our site provided great views of the Harbor where we could watch the California Sea Lions playing and also a slight view of the Bay.  We had easy access to the walking beach. We were close to town, to “The Birds” viewing areas, and to Sonoma County State Beach.


And, yes, we did see lots of birds and the sea gulls were landing on our rig and squawking and squawking (come out, come out)!!!

Bodega Bay Birds
Should we be worried – they were watching us at our site


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