Borrego Springs California Clakr Dry Lake


Clark Dry Lake, also known as Rockhouse Canyon Road boondocking area or just “The Borrego Springs boondocking area” or sometimes people just say, “Oh you mean that area near Peg Leg?”.

Yep, we are back. We were just here a little over a week ago and then went into town to The Springs for a week for Christmas. This time when we returned we moved to our “RIP site”.


It is a site we have stayed in several times before and when we returned just after Christmas there weren’t many spots available. In early to mid December we had our pick of just about anywhere but during the holidays it gets crowded!

So we snuggled into one of our favourite spots. It put us just about the furthest north from any other rig which means we have beautiful, unobstructed views of Clark Dry Lake and the Santa Rosa Mountains to the north. Not that we don’t love our neighbours and like looking at them but we love our views.

Borrego Springs California Clakr Dry Lake
A dusting of snow in the mountains


A funny little side story, the other day we had been discussing future travels and places to visit and mentioned heading toward Bodega Bay (Hitchcock’s “The Birds”) and hanging for awhile.

Then later that same day, while staying at The Springs, we had a little encounter. The Springs has lots of hummingbirds, both Costa’s and Anna’s. We have a small feeder we suction cup to the driver’s side window while parked.

Borrego Springs California Clakr Dry Lake
Our “suction cup” hummingbird feeder


We had been out one day and just returned back to the rig and the place, as usual, was swarming with hummers. They were flying right by our head and fighting with one another. I had to duck a few times to walk the 10 feet from the car to the RV door. I quickly opened the door and immediately a hummer flew into the RV and straight to the closed driver’s side window in an attempt to get to the feeder on the other side of the window. Yikes…hummer in the rig!!! My husband quickly came in and the hummer quickly settled (out of fright probably) on the window sill and my husband gently picked him up as I opened the window and he released him. My husband said his poor little claws were hanging on ever so tightly to the window sill. But all ended well as the hummer was released unharmed. It is not the first time my husband has come to the rescue of a poor little hummer. We have been known to have a few hummers every summer in our garage.

Borrego Springs California Clakr Dry Lake

Then the next morning we moved to Clark Dry Lake and that night we sat inside and watched the sunset. It was so quiet and peaceful. It was just about dark when we started hearing noises like you hear when a crow is walking on your rig roof. Every time we stood up to try and figure out where the noise was coming from the noise stopped. This continued for a few minutes but there was no doubt in our mind there was some creature in our rig scratching and scratching. We quickly narrowed it down to the microwave vent. My husband went outside and opened the vent with a pole, I turned on the inverter and then the microwave fan. In 1 second the bird flew out and was gone. Holy Cow. Two birds in our rig in 24 hours. Bodega Bay? Hmmmm…..

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