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Lakeview Campground – Cypress Hills Elkwater – Alberta

From one Cypress Hills to another. We left Cypress Hills Centre Block in Saskatchewan and headed to Cypress Hills Elkwater in Alberta. Both are part of the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park (CHIPP) but the Alberta Cypress Hills has the highest point amongst them. More on that in a future post.


Cypress Hills Elkwater has 7 campgrounds and well over 450 campsites that are close to  full on weekends in the summer. The only empty sites will be those small sites nestled deep in the forest trees. We managed to get a site at Lakeview Campground and it must have been someone’s last minute cancellation. Yay!



Campground: Lakeview Campground
Location: Elkwater, Alberta
Site: 11 (back in)
Cost: $49 (CAD) – includes a $12 (CAD) reservation fee
Services: E/W (30 AMP)
Comments: A small campground with only 13 sites right at the entrance to the camping areas. The campground sits right across the street from the lake for easy access to the over 3 km shoreline trail and very close to the townsite of Elkwater.  The general store sits just behind the campground and there is a short trail to walk there.


Since it is such a small campground the sites are very similar so you really cannot go wrong.  All in all, this is a nice campground with easy access to all that Elkwater has to offer but, unfortunately, we could only stay a few nights due to the campground being full. It is difficult to get a site in this park.


The townsite of Elkwater sits right on Elkwater lake and is at the same elevation as Banff. It offers a general store, lodge, marina, swimming beach, and visitors center.


This guy (or gal) was hanging our in our campsite frequently.

Cypress Hills Elkwater Alberta
Bunny wabbit

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