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Firerock Campground – Cypress Hills Elkwater – Alberta

Cypress Hills Elkwater Alberta Firerock Campground
Our Site at Firerock Campground – C78


We had a reservation at Ferguson Hill Campground but when we saw the heavily treed site we realized it would be a bear to get into and the road in and out had lots of low hanging branches. No fun. We found a first come first serve site early in the morning and the office transferred our reservation over. THANK YOU Cypress Hills!

As a side note, Lodgepole Campground which is just down the road from Ferguson Hill Campground has the same type of layout with heavily treed roads and narrow sites.


Campground: Firerock Campground
Location: Elkwater, Alberta
Site: C78 (Back-in)
Cost: $35 (CAD) – Includes a $12 (CAD) reservation fee
Services: Dry camping
Comments: A beautiful treed, but not too heavily, campground.  Even our solar panels got charged. We enjoyed our site and Firerock immensely!


Firerock Camground has multiple loops with loops A, AA, and B at the bottom of the hill by the West End Day Use Area and all are reservable sites, very open, and many with nice lake views. Loop B is a bit more treed.  Loops C and D are at the top of the hill and are first come first serve and in the pines. Loop E is up there too and in the pines but they are reservable sites. We thought Loop E was the nicest but we could not get a site there, full up!


View of Elkwater Lake as you come down the hill from Firerock Campground Loop C.

Cypress Hills Elkwater Alberta Firerock Campground
View of Elkwater Lake


The other campgrounds such as Old Baldy Campground and Beaver Creek Campground have large open sites with easy access.  We liked Old Baldy Campground the best. Elkwater Campground was high density camping and not our style at all.

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